Currently the following are the main areas of activity of Stepnogorsk biological factory:

1. Production of veterinary biological products

BIOTRON GROUP LLP has the technological and laboratory equipment for the manufacture of vaccines and other biological products obtained by microbial synthesis, as well as the necessary facilities and equipment to work with the producer strain and process control. The vaccines production is based on the cultivation of industrial strains on nutrient medium. Produced vaccines include vaccine against anthrax, vaccine against tuberculosis of mammalians, vaccine against listeriosis, gangrene, brucellosis, etc.

2. Production of biological products for cleaning soil contaminated by oil

The problem of soil contamination by oil resulting from well operations, accidents or unauthorized sidebars on oil pipelines is the serious threat to our environment.

Traditional methods of cleaning soil contaminated by oil, such as mechanical, chemical, thermal and physicochemical do not resolve environmental problems and lead to the transformation of one form of pollution into other forms. Currently, the most effective methods for cleaning oil-contaminated soils are biological methods.

The advantages of biological methods of soil decontamination are:
- Environmentally friendly - the method assumes destruction of oil and oil products into
 harmless compounds (water and carbon dioxide);
- Cost-effectiveness of a high degree of decontamination at relatively low cost.

The main method for biological decontamination is based on the application of
Complex oxidizing microorganisms to the soil that decompose oil to the clean components.

3. Production of products for biological leaching

The biological leaching method is the based on using bacterial cultures to extract metals from ores, ore concentrates and rocks. Compared to other methods used in mining industry this technology offers an economic alternative. It also offers the opportunity to reduce environmental pollution.