BIOTRON GROUP LLP is the only biotech factory in Kazakhstan with production capacity, sufficient for the complete production cycle from the development of strains in cultural medium to the end bottling of vaccines. The enterprise owns production and controls strains obtained from the All-Russian Research Institute for Standardization, certification and control of veterinary biologicals.

Unlike other objects of the industrial zone of the NGO "Progress", the company BIOTRON GROUP is completely autonomous. Production facilities meet modern standards for biotech companies. All workshops are equipped with sanitary inspection rooms, individual supply and exhaust ventilation systems to the degree of air purification of 99.95%. Reactors and autoclaves are equipped with filters to prevent the production cultures from flowing into the air of working area.
The company at present time is the only domestic company with a modern, full technological cycle of production. There is a possibility of expanding and diversifying the product mix and favorable prospects for increasing the market size.